Aqsa Tour October 29-3rd November

Aqsa Tour October 29-3rd November


Prices Including Flights:
£995 Per person  Quad Sharing

£1030 Per person  Triple Sharing

£1065 Per person Double Sharing

*5 Nights Hashimi Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner, *Full Transfers, *Al Aqsa Compound, *Old City Tour, *Maqams of Prophets, *Sahabah Graves, *Masjid Omar, *Masjid Al Khalil, *Mount Mukkabir, *Mount of Olives and Other Site’s

Guided Tours with Shaykh Saleh.

*Flights from Birmingham:

1. SN 2050 K  29OCT BHXBRU HS1  0605   0815  O
2. SN 3289 K  29OCT BRUTLV HS1  0940   1510  O
3. SN 3290 T  03NOV TLVBRU HS1  1610   2005  O
4. SN 2049 T  03NOV BRUBHX HS1  2115   2130  O

Al Aqsa Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Meet at Airport /Go through Security. (everyone to go through security and meet at the Prayer Room Arrive 3 hrs before departure) After Landing we all go together to security. After Security (could take 4-6hrs) Transfer to Hotel /Check-in to Hotel, Have Dinner and Rest. Breakfast & Dinner Provided at the Hotel (Check Reception for timing)

Day 2: Al Aqsa Compound Tour of Dome of the Rock / Qibli Masjid / Marwani Masjid/ Old Aqsa & Buraq Masjid.

Day 3: Bus Tour 9:00am- 8pm Guided bus Tour of Islamic History Sites with Shaykh Saleh Visit Mount Olives /Mount Mukabbir/ Maqaam/ Masjid Khalil Hebron/ Maqaam Nabi Musa / Dead Sea / Bethlem – Drive through only /Jericho / Maqaam Nabi Yunus (subject to change without prior notice/ according to guide, some places might have to be missed out if roads are closed etc ).

Day 4: Friday Prayers in Aqsa Mosque (11-11:30  Leave hotel latest) Walking tour of old city Including Masjid Omar (ra) / Khanqah Salahuddin / Muslim Quarter/ Jewish Quarter/ Christian Quarter/ Church of Holy Sepulchre & Tomb of David ( Jewish Site). 

Day 5 : Visit Buraaq mosque and museum between 10.30am and 12pm, Visit Sahahbah Graves After Asr ( Rest of the Day Free for Shopping & Individual worship in Aqsa)

Day 6: Check out Luggage from rooms by 10.30am (Luggage to be stored in reception) Free till departure for airport.

Important Notes: Please follow all guidelines  & ensure that you remain with the group at all   times, especially during travel and collective activities.  

  • The group will be following a tight schedule so please adhere to all timings   and remain punctual.  
  • Please ensure that you do not hold up anyone else, or become the cause of  any delays or missed transport.  
  • Please also be mindful of your fellow travellers and their luggage at all stages  of the journey ensuring that no one is left behind or without assistance.   Women & the elderly should always be given preference, while the men  should assist the whole group with luggage, arrangements and other   tasks. 
  • Please remain patient and understanding throughout the journey as there  will be inevitable delays especially during immigration & customs, hotel check- ins, and the arrangement of visits and transport.  
  • Money Exchange close to the hotel
  • Keep your passport with you at all times/ staple your visa to your passport.
  • Do not mix with strangers and keep safe all the time and keep together.
  • Do not exchange numbers with locals and stick with group all the time.
  • Do not break the laws of the country you are visiting.
  • Breakfast and dinner provided by Hotel /check exact timing in reception.

* Note this is provisional itinerary and could be subject to change.

Requirements: The applicant must have a British passport with a validity of at least six (6) months from the date of travel. PCR tests which will be required at time subject to change.

Sabeel Travels is not responsible if entry is denied by Israeli Authorities at Airport.

Note: This is Provisional itinerary & could be subject to change.
Precise Timings of Ziyarah times will be given day before Ziyarah.
Excluding Health insurance, lunches & Tips.

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WhatsApp: +44 7778 625398