Istanbul Packages

8 Days

Ottoman Heritage & Ertugral Tour August 11-18 2024

Departure: 11/08/2023
Return: 18/08/2024
Spain Islamic History Tour
5 Days

Spain Andalus Tour

Departure: 17/06/2024
Return: 22/06/2024

Explore Top Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

Even if you are just in the beginning stages of planning your Istanbul Tour, this guide will show you why Istanbul is a remarkable travel destination. Istanbul houses monuments of the two magnificent Empires; Byzantine and Ottoman. It is the city of mosques, churches, and palaces. It boasts of breathtaking architecture and artistry. Its geography which divides it into Asia and Europe is its incomparable glare. Istanbul’s museums and art galleries can engage visitors for days. Istanbul also offers the opportunity to take a famous Turkish bath. The Grand Bazaar comprises thousands of shops that sell a variety of articles. The Egyptian Bazaar is the best place to relish upon Turkish foods. With these distinguished marks, Istanbul has a lot more to cool your eyes and placate your taste.

Istanbul Tour Packages

Sabeel Travels offers you a variety of tour packages to discover Istanbul. You can choose from our 2 to 7-night affordable Istanbul tour packages. They include a visa to Turkey, flight and hotel booking, buffet breakfasts and transfers. Check the list of our partner hotels we offer during your stay in Istanbul on our website. The most important feature of our Istanbul tour packages is their affordability. This is what distinguishes us from other tour operators.

Spectacular Sight-seeing of the Old City

Our tour packages include maximum sight-seeing of historical places that will make your tour rich of unforgettable memories. The special feature of our Istanbul Packages is the visit of buildings and palaces of Ottoman sultans. The must-see for everyone, Topkapi Palace was the house monarchs whose rule swayed over three continents. A thousand year old splendid work of architecture Hagia Sophia Museum has gone through three phases. It was built as a church then changed into a mosque and now a museum. An emblem of Mehmet Agha’s mastery captivates the tourists. It is a great work of fine tiles that imparts it a blue hue and unparalleled beauty and splendor.

Special Tour to Bosphorus Panorama of Europe & Asia

If the fame of Istanbul rests half on its buildings, the other half rests on Bosphorus panorama. Our Istanbul tour packages include a visit to Bosphorus by boat. It offers you a unique opportunity to see a waterway that divides Europe and Asia. On the shores, you have a grand view of wooden villas, marble palaces, and fortresses.

Sabeel Travels tries its best to make your tour comfortable and pleasant. All packages contain the itinerary and complete tour plan for your convenience. We also offer other packages like Cheap Umrah Packages, Aqsa Tour, Jordan Tour, and HalalHolidays.

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