Summer Masjid Al Aqsa Tour Aug 1-6 2022

Summer Al Aqsa Tour

Departure: August 1-6 2022

Duration: 6 Days

Prices Excluding Flights:
£475 Per person ( Quad Sharing)

£485 Per Person (Triple Sharing)

£495 Per Person ( Double Sharing)

Price includes:

Hashimi Hotel with Breakfast & Dinner

Full Transfers

Guided Tours with Shaykh Saleh

Al Aqsa Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Meet at Airport /Go through Security. (everyone to go through security and meet at the Prayer Room Arrive 3 hrs before departure) After Landing we all go together to security. After Security (could take 4-6hrs) Transfer to Hotel /Check-in to Hotel, Have Dinner and Rest. Breakfast & Dinner Provided at the Hotel (Check Reception for timing)

Day 2: –  Fajar in Aqsa /Breakfast 7-9am in Hotel will familiarize with old city & pray Salah in Masjid Al Aqsa.

Day 3: Al Aqsa Compound Tour of Dome of the Rock / Qibli Masjid / Marwani Masjid/ Old Aqsa & Buraq Masjid if open.

Day 4: Bus Tour 9:00am- 8pm Guided bus Tour of Islamic History Sites with Shaykh Saleh Visit Mount Olives /Mount Mukabbir/ Maqaam/ Masjid Khalil Hebron/ Maqaam Nabi Musa / Dead Sea / Bethlem – Drive through only /Jericho / Maqaam Nabi Yunus (subject to change without prior notice/ according to guide, some places might have to be missed out if roads are closed etc ).

Day 5: Friday Prayers in Aqsa Mosque (11-11:30  Leave hotel latest) Walking tour of old city Including Masjid Omar (ra) / Khanqah Salahuddin / Muslim Quarter/ Jewish Quarter/ Christian Quarter/ Church of Holy Sepulchre & Tomb of David ( Jewish Site). 

Day 6 :Check out Luggage from rooms by 10.30am (Luggage to be stored in reception) Free till departure for airport.

Visit Buraaq mosque and museum between 10.30am and 12pm (individually).

Important Notes: Please follow all guidelines  & ensure that you remain with the group at all   times, especially during travel and collective activities.  

  • The group will be following a tight schedule so please adhere to all timings   and remain punctual.  
  • Please ensure that you do not hold up anyone else, or become the cause of  any delays or missed transport.  
  • Please also be mindful of your fellow travellers and their luggage at all stages  of the journey ensuring that no one is left behind or without assistance.   Women & the elderly should always be given preference, while the men  should assist the whole group with luggage, arrangements and other   tasks. 
  • Please remain patient and understanding throughout the journey as there  will be inevitable delays especially during immigration & customs, hotel check- ins, and the arrangement of visits and transport.  
  • Money Exchange close to the hotel
  • Keep your passport with you at all times/ staple your visa to your passport.
  • Do not mix with strangers and keep safe all the time and keep together.
  • Do not exchange numbers with locals and stick with group all the time.
  • Do not break the laws of the country you are visiting.
  • Breakfast and dinner provided by Hotel /check exact timing in reception.

* Note this is provisional itinerary and could be subject to change. 

Requirements: The applicant must have a British passport with a validity of at least six (6) months from the date of travel. 2 Health insurance covering covid. 

Sabeel Travels is not responsible if entry is denied by Israeli Authorities at Airport.

Please Contact 07915146853 or email to Book.